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Joining the 45th Illinois/5th Georgia

Recruiting PosterThe 45th Illinois, Company C / 5th Georgia, Company C draws its membership from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. Membership is open to men and women who share a genuine interest in the American Civil War. We are a unit that believes in balance. We respect the right of people to participate at a level with which they are comfortable, while expecting our members to perform at a level of proficiency and authenticity that does not distract from other people's (both the public and reenacting community) reenacting experience. We are committed to accurate representation of history while encouraging family participation. Our unit's members do a mix of campaign and garrison impressions, while attending major national events and tacticals and yet have an active civilian impression where possible. We provide members the opportunity to enjoy the full range of the reenacting experience. We believe in having our cake and eating it too, doing so in a way that does not distract from the reenactment experience for the unit next to us or misrepresenting the period to the public.

Every season we try to maintain a balanced schedule attending at least one national event, three to four battalion events and several smaller events. This allows for a season of drill, battle and living history. Our current event schedule can be found on our "Event Page".

New recruits are properly accoutred by the company and instructed, by company NCO's, in the school of the soldier. A company sponsor is provided to answer questions and keep the recruit informed of upcoming events. Once the recruit attends at least three unit events and demonstrates a proficiency in drill and firearms safety, they are then invited to join. Understanding that some cost can be involved in obtaining equipment, our unit lends out spare equipment until new members can obtain there own. After a reasonable amount of time, it is your responsibility to properly accouter yourself according to company standards. If you have questions about good places to get equipment, don't hesitate to ask one of our members!

The ladies who make up our civilian contingent share an equal responsibility in reenacting. They too must outfit themselves in the fashions of the 1860's and present an image of the homefront. Many of our members are expert in the genteel arts of the 1860's and often provide demonstrations and talks about sewing, etiquette, fashion, the culinary arts and the history of the period.

Each member in good standing, who has attended the minimum required events, has an equal voice in company business. Membership entitles you to voting rights when the company decides on it's club and military Officers and NCOs as well as for what events we attend, a copy of the company newsletter (The Leadmine Jig), a place in our family and hopefully, one heck of a good time. If you're new to reenacting or a seasoned veteran, and you'd like to fall in with the best, click here to email our recruiter about the 45th Illinois / 5th Georgia.


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