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The 45th Illinois / 5th Georgia was founded in February 2002 by a proactive group of veteran reenactors who wanted more from reenacting. Our philosophy is to strive for accuracy, reserve judgement and have fun while pursuing our goals. Our choice to portray both Federal and Confederate units enables us to examine conflicting viewpoints and lifestyles while at the same time affording us the flexibility to level the playing field at some events. The flash of every Civil War reenactment is military conflict. The thunder and smoke of the artillery, grace of the cavalry and persistence of the infantry all add to the visual excitement. Yet, as reenactors we understand that battle is only a part of living history. Certainly every American in Jo Daviess County, Illinois and Richmond County, Georgia was affected by the war. Our soldiers and civilians strive to present their history. We really enjoy what we do and hope that our enthusiasm and energy attracts others with the same interest.

The reenacted 45th Illinois is a family of members, from all walks of life, drawn together by their interest in the American Civil War. That interest, at times, takes us to the other side of the conflict to portray the 5th Georgia, Company C.
The 45th is an authentic unit that encourages military and civilian participation. Female members may portray wives, nurses, camp followers, or vivandieres. Families are invited to join and participate. We want you to enjoy your time with the 45th. For more information on membership, stop by our MEMBERSHIP page!

Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in the 45th Illinois / 5th Georgia. This site is a tool for our organization to showcase our efforts to educate the public, expand our research and attract people to reenacting. Please enjoy your visit.
Sincerely, The Members of the 45th Illinois / 5th Georgia

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